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    Primal Scream: higher than the sun, an article in Rovesnik from 2000. “There’s no better way to enter the new millennium than to listen to Exterminator”.

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    Yesterday was the first class of the three classes Alexander Klöpping gave for DWDD University about the history and future of Silicon Valley. With ease and vigor he managed to guide the viewers through the early history of our modern world infecting everyone with his evident passion for everything IT. It was an inspiration to see someone so young be so knowledgeable and devoted to his passions. 


    As I traveled with him through his journey, I couldn’t help thinking - as I’m sure many (female) viewers with me: 
    Brainy IS the new sexy

  3. nickmasoff:

    Roger Waters, (part 5).

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  5. To convey one’s mood
    in seventeen syllables
    is very diffic

    — John Cooper Clarke - Haiku  (via siam-cat)

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  8. In our modern world, man assiduously abandons his life to practical necessities and his imagination to slavery, manipulations and fears—manipulation by fear—are meted out to young, intelligent and radical people who yield to the pressure of accepted practices and many age-old servitudes. The elder generation hasn’t come to warn them: each of them came to tell about themselves. Each one to tell how they had eaten, how they had slept, how they had important orgasms, important childhoods and dreams, because an honest life is advertised as a life of silence, normality and dull conceit. Art is stultified. Love a privilege. And in the vicinity of our most splendid creative youth, it is strongly advised to keep our mouth shut if we want to succeed.

    — 'I am here' Manifesto; Savages

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    Love love love

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  12. Pink Floyd—Moonhead (1969)

    Instrumental made for the moon landing